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Holy Shroud of Turin Photographic Exhibit

    This highly Informative Exhibit is made available through the Knights of Columbus to qualifying Organizations. There is no charge but Donations are accepted..


An informational two hour presentation is included and will given by Mr. Tony Cherniawski. (suggested start time is 6:00 pm).
To Sponsor a single evening visit:  1/ Obtain Parish Permission directly through your Priest. (Check available dates in Calendar)   2/  Schedule your visit with SK Ken Watterson   @ 517.881.0812  aarrdy@sbcglobal.net  3/ Arrange for Promoting the visit with Bulletin Announcements and Signage  4/ Arrange for School Children to view it during the day time if applicable.  5/ Set up a Viewing Room with enough chairs and 5 (8 ft). banquet tables. 6/ Arrange to pick up the Display at the conclusion of the preceding nights presentation.. (usually about 8:30 pm)  7/ Set up the Display.       We will take care of packing it up and the movment to the following Parish..