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For information on the HOLY SHROUD OF TURIN EXHIBIT
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   Anthony Cherniawski at:     517.331.5200
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The blind man said, "Rabbi, I want to see."       "Go," said Jesus,   "your faith has healed you".

     This site is dedicated to the serious study of the Holy Shroud of Turin.  This thought provoking and breathtaking journey will lead to the conclusion that this article is much more than a simple mystery.  Many have pondered the obvious and not so obvious evidence, and have humbly admitted their ignorance.   A great deal of time and talent has been invested in the study of this item, which remains in a league unto itself.
     Many are drawn out of curiosity.  Some out of spite.  The very thought that it could be what it purports itself to be, sends many into denial.  Study for yourself.  See if this truly could be, the Burial Cloth of Jesus Christ..



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    ***    All references to articles and information contained herein are intended to further the understanding and intentions of this most Holy subject.  Credit is given to the many experts, authors and parties referenced within this site.